Which part of your body is itching right now

Neck and hip for me

My eyes ofc :sob:
Also the skin around my fingersnails. Does anyone elseknow get itchy there? And the top crease of your fingers.

I have never been itchy there once.

This requires a poll.

Have you ever been itchy on the skin around your fingernails?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I cannot remember
  • I am not comfortable sharing this sensitive data with the world wide web

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I wouldnt like to say

Beard (specifically the right hand side)

Scraaatch the beard on the right hand side

Now what?

Mine are constantly itchy! I hope this doesn’t mean I’m dying :confused:

It does I’m afraid

It’s time you made your own decisions champ

Poll needs another option:

  • Never, until you made me think about it.


Ears. Always my ears.

Truly amazing