Which parts of your body do you think are going to conk out first?


apologies to anyone who has an ongoing, long-term condition. no offense intended. for real.

think my right knee is on its way out. right hip, too. feels terrible the day after playing sport. get these mad pains that shoot up my lower back. ow!

gums are weak and poor. gonna be toothless by 75, unless the ability to grow new teeth becomes a thing. I blame my mum for this, as I’ve always been a fastidious cleaner of du teeth



Ankle or knee. Both already have got a bit of a click, play too much football and run too much for someone who’s carrying extra weight. My dad’s knee went pretty terminally (in terms of sports, he can walk around fine) at 30


Knees from a youth of distance running and an adulthood of jumping down from climbs.




Not sure but my guess is heart, liver or kidneys. Don’t have any recurrent joint type stuff which is good, but i had a heart murmur when I was born, love the lash up, have to take v. Strong painkillers fairly regularly for migraine and had really nasty kidney issues at uni. Plus I think glandular fever has probably fucked me internally more than I know.

So yeah, one of those. Though I did get a scan on my liver and it was looking good so who knows?


Definitely my knees. My Da had to stop playing football before hitting 30 and needs knee replacements now. My younger brother had to stop playing sport at 21.

Weirdly, my other brother is totally fine (which is odd as they’re twins) and still plays lacrosse and football to this day. Maybe we got lucky?


Definitely my right knee. I played too much football as a kid and tore my knee ligaments in the school playground playing football with a tennis ball. I shot up ridiculously quickly at 14 and my ligaments couldn’t keep up, so when some kid decided to do a sliding tackle in the playground, it didn’t work out too well.

My knee has always been a bit dodgy since, but I’m really starting to notice it of late.

I’ve apparently getting arthritis in my right foot as well, after breaking that a few years back.


Knees and back are already well on the way.


Always thought it would be my knees but my I’ve been suffering from chocolate-ankles in the last few months, they’re giving me more grief than my knees ever have after runs/football etc.

My toes are a state as well and I’m almost certain to suffer a heart attack at some point.


Knee replacements for all!


conks out for harambe


Penis, liver, lungs


add oats and spices and you’ve got yourself a haggis


My one knee has been twisted a couple of times too many, but it’s still fine when it’s like, not twisted.

Probably my respiratory system in general tbh, I smoke too much and don’t excercise and have a below average immune system


Right ankle.

Was always dodgy when I was younger, used to literally just give way for no reason as I was walking along… Then I broke it playing football, when I was 11 (probably because it just randomly collapsed on me) and then when I was 15 or 16 it happened again and I snapped the ligaments.

Haven’t had any major issues for the last 10 years or so, although occasionally it’ll crack as I’m walking along and go really quite painful for about 30 seconds and sometimes when sitting there it’ll go really stiff, reckon it’ll be a right fucker when I’m older.


already had prostate problems as a youngish man. will probably do me in by the time i’m 50.




Ankles, back, anus, (first draft of heads shoulders knees and toes etc…)


your younger brother and older brother are twins?

i’m going to need some help with this one


You’ve done yourself there mate.