Which parts of your own body have you licked (polls)?

Please feel free to ask other people which parts of their own body they have licked by replying to this thread with a ‘poll’.

Please do not include ‘aspirational licks’ in this thread. Actual contact only please.

Aspirational Licks
Actual Contact

Moth Club £4 9pm


Obvious lickbait thread


You have stolen the joke from my tags. This is uncalled for.

Absolutely, though I do not see a ‘poll’ in your reply

I didn’t specify many rules yet here you are pissing on them like they’re my signed photo of Garth Brooks

Sorry m9, genuinely didn’t see it there as it was in the tags and nobody ever looks at them

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  • supple leopard
  • creaky toephobe

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Hand :raised_hand:

  • I have licked that
  • I have not licked that

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  • Mmm, tasty knee
  • Oh no, you keep that knee away

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  • LICK
  • SICK

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  • Oh yes
  • Oh no

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If I can reach it I’ve licked it.



  • Of course!
  • Of course not!

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think bam can do this, perhaps his greatest talent.


Under your skin / bloody cut

  • Yes, in an almost instinctual way
  • I’m too goth for that

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if there was a statute of limitations for licks older than 3 years would any of your poll answers change?

  • yes, I dine out on former glories
  • no, I am up to date with my lickings

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Have you tried to lick parts of your body as a result of this thread, just to be sure?

  • Heaven’s no
  • Well funny you should ask… (yes I have)

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not enough

Carpe diem