Which piece of music calms your mind?


Most of Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain

This piece of genius:

Always this:

And this from Marconi Union:

Read about it before hearing it and was skeptical, but it works for me.

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Always Loscil

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Came here to post Eno’s An Ending (Ascent)


First Narrows is a go-to for me

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If I’m feeling a wreck I struggle to listen to music at all, but sometimes something noisy can be cathartic like Converge, Merzbow, Zu…


Yeah, I feel this - Oceanic by Isis is one of my go-to catharsis records.


Oh yeah. Oceanic is the perfect balance between skull-crushingly heavy and sparseness.

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I find the Garbage EP by Autechre good for this, every track is so easy to drift in and out of and just loose yourself.

In a Beautiful place out in the country by BoC still sounds lovely to this day

Julianna Barwick also seems ot have the magic touch:

and finally, Carlton Melton just allow me to drift off in bliss on this album


These tend to do the trick…

& Willam Basinski as mentioned further up the thread

Aphex Twin’s most pure ambient stuff is the zenith for me. Particularly Lichen, Rhubarb, Blue Calx, Stone In Focus. Timeless, dream like, transcendent.

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Probably this


There are so many but I always return to this when my mind needs soothing

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When Im annoyed and need some aggressive music Old Man Gloom & Converge works well aswell


I listened to this as I did a lot of travelling, saw some of the most amazing places in the world listening to this. It always calms me down. Beautiful electronica / post rock.


Another vote for heavy over ambient for this.

Find something like old Skullflower really amazing in that you can sink in and be completely enveloped in it.

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Tons, but these two in particular:

Oh, and I find the Final Fantasy XIII Balamb Garden theme impossibly relaxing too. Thank you to the intrepid Youtuber who recorded and uploaded a 30-minute long loop :slight_smile:

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For me it’s the wonderfully soothing, comforting music of Ichiko Aoba.