Which popular TV programmes/series have you never watched?

Another vote for Game of Thrones here, oh and also the Sopranos, haven’t seen that.
Also never seen any of the Star Wars TV shows (possibly a bit silly as I really like Star Wars)
People really seem to like Ted Lasso, but I haven’t seen it.
Coronation Street

The Last of Us

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I remember I saw an episode of Seinfeld in the mid-nineties and was so offended by how unfunny the stand up segments were that I never watched it again*

*until last year when I watched the whole series on Netflix. I really like it

There’s loads of stuff I’ve watched a couple of episodes of and not the majority of including:

Mad Men
The Last of Us
Almost all long-running comedies with the exception of MASH

And also I’ve only seen tiny tiny snippets of White Lotus and don’t really feel any need to investigate it any further (it might be brilliant, I’ll never know!)

Pretty much gave up bothering with the big American drama series when Deadwood abruptly got cancelled years ago. Loved that show so much.

Any shit with dragons or wizards in it.


Outside of the Wire and the first few series of Mad Men I don’t think I’ve seen any of the big prestige shows. Hard to imagine ever devoting the time to something like the Sopranos nowadays. Maybe when I retire. Or they can just beam a memory of me watching into my brain or something.

Just watch a surfing video at 0.5 speed on Youtube and you’ll get the gist.

You’re thinking of Postman Pat

You should watch Andor


Love Island
Coronation Street
The Big Bang Theory
Strictly Come Dancing
The Royle Family
Gavin & Stacey
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Grange Hill

Most of them, I don’t usually like telly shows. Started watching the Sopranos and realised I didn’t care what was happening about 3 seasons in.

Would watch.



Sunday Brunch

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