Which prick do you think has had the most top 40 hits that no one gives a fuck about?

Shakin Stevens has 33 top 40 hits. Bet you’ve heard two max.

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Michael Ball has 5 top 40 hits somehow

Status Quo have had 57 (fifty-seven) top 40 hits.


Black eyed peas/William, Shirley?

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Bet you know a few of em mind

How dare you.

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David Guetta seems to have loads. couldn’t even hum you one

Jess Glynne


Shaky’s Greatest Hits was my first ever album. All gold.


This Ol’ House
Green Door
erm…some Christmas one

Oh Julie
Lipstick, Powder and Paint
A Little Boogie Woogie
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For
That one he did with Bonnie Tyler

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In fairness to Shakey he’ll always have this. And it comes with bonus Quo!


oh Lord I’m going to have to youtube that now

Morrissey has had 33 top 40 hits also.


Drake has had 55 in the top 40


Cliff Richard? Obviously was a big thing back in the day, but now?

some of hers are good

10 year olds in 1980 thought he probably was Elvis.

He was very popular and that leg dance was seen in playgrounds all over I imagine.

Double denim Pop fun.

Good on ya Shakey.

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Jive Bunny

Definitely on my playground. There’s a data point for you.