Which prick do you think has had the most top 40 hits that no one gives a fuck about?

Same here. I can remember doing the Shakey dance in 4th year Juniors.

This 'Ol House took the Charts and our imaginations by storm, plus, we were convinced he was Elvis. All consigned to history now of course.


pitbull or drake

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David Guetta has had 38 top 40 hits including 6 number 1s.

He’ll always be best known for basically ridding the world of racism with EDM though.


Lovely stuff

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Would he also be known for unnecessarily adding an E to the beginning of what has always been “dance music”?


That’s incredible.

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MLK would have been so proud.

I called him a cynical prick on Twitter when he released that song with Captain Tom and had three very angry women who all had selfies with him as their avatars give me a load of grief


I woman I work with has a life size cardboard cut out of him in her living room


Elvis probably

Found some stats

David Guetta has had 23 top 10 singles, same as Oasis. I couldn’t name a single one.



@AQOS’s right it’s Jess Glynne, though.

Or maybe Florence of and the Machine

yeah its 100% jess glynne. couldnt correctly tell you which of her songs are which

Status Quo have had 57 top 40s. I don’t reckon they could name 57 of their own songs.


The wedding present had 18 top 40 hits, 12 of them in one year and only one of them was Brassneck.

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I came in here to say ol’ Shakey as well.

He’s getting the box set treatment soon. 19 (NINETEEN) discs. I hope they make a documentary about anyone who buys it.


That was the year that they deliberately released a single every month having realised that you didn’t have to sell many copies at all to get into the top 40 wasn’t it?

Looking them up, most of them got into the top 20 and I can’t remember any of them.

Kennedy is fucking great tbf