Which Radio stations do you listen to? Any recommendations?


I mainly listen to 5live in the morning. I listen to a mixture of talk sport and 6music in the afternoons. I like some of the specialist shows on Beats1 too.


I only listen to Radio 5.


Sometimes a spot of radio 4 in the morning. 6music, but it gets a bit meh. Sometimes one of the absolute stations, just to hear what’s his chops say absolute radio.

need more good radio


Only 6 music and radio 4, plus 5 live sports extra for the cricket. Can’t bear any radio with adverts.


Vic Galloway’s Radio Scotland show plays some superb tunes. Although only available on FM on Monday and Thursday nights, anybody can listen on digital or iplayer.

Otherwise, Radio 4 all the time. Today programme in the morning and most of the 6:30 comedy shows.

Again, iPlayer is fantastic - been listening to old shows from the Mary Whitehouse Experience, Lee & Herring and others recently.


Mainly 6music in the office at work, it can be a battle between that an Radio 2. I wish 6music had a bigger playlist - soon get bored of hearing some of the A-list songs 3 times a day.




Shouldn’t really have a playlist at all. I thought that was the whole point? That they trust the DJs?


Quite like LBC and bbc world service. Online there is this radio station called rpgamers that plays stuff like pokemon/ff/undertale etc music and it’s so caiming. I also found a radio station that plays 80s and 90s video game music but I can’t remember the name. Its a Japanese one


Most of the time it’s 6Music - some especially great shows.

Occasionally switch to BBC Asian one, Radio 4 for Late Junction at night and Rinse FM.