Which room do you 'live' the most in

  • Kitchen Ponce
  • Sitting Room Recluse
  • Bedroom Hermit
  • Nature-Bothering Garden Arsehole
  • Just on the shitter 24/7

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The… living… room


Oh one of those nuclear family traditionalists eh?




ooh good answer


Probably in the living room for 90% of my waking time in the house. There’s are laelfy sized dent in the sofa.


spend most of my time on the couch, if you can call that living


On a purely time-related basis, it’s obviously the bedroom, but for waking hours it’d have to be our kitchen/dining room.


I will shortly be joining the kitchen ponce ranks. V pleased about this turn of events tbh




my bedroom – the flat I live in doesn’t have any communal space that isn’t the corridor or the kitchen


Bedroom. The curse of the awkward flat share.


Games room


The spare bedroom!!


Don’t have a lounge as not old or tory


With increasing rental prices in city centres AND the huge rise in online fantasy gaming, I don’t understand why they haven’t gone under.




can’t believe nobody’s said:

and they say people don’t change.


Speaking of rent, apparently this is a thing now: