Which snack is the most moreish?

Got a birthday in the office today and snacks are abundant. Just polished off three milk chocolate digestives in quick succession, now have an overwhelming compulsion to continue eating digestives. Have also had a big session on the sour cream and onion pringles.

Reckon I could finish a pack of digestives in twenty minutes. What about you?

Polls and chat encouraged.



Came in here to post this.


those things that are a dodd of cheese wrapped in bacon

dunno what the name for them is. have them at parties sometimes.

Yeah - I did a packet of choccy digis by myself a couple of nights ago, no bother. If I buy a pack it’s in the full knowledge I will eat the lot in a single sitting

Most moreish for me though are chocolate fingers - I never buy them, but in the days of attending parties with my kids I would eat far more of them than was the done thing for an adult at a kid’s do


Fig rolls



It’s pistachios.


It’s popcorn


I’m more interested in which treat is the most moreish.

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Something weird happens to me when I’m near popcorn and I become a complete unstoppable cunt of a greedy slob and literally shovel it into my mouth and won’t stop until it is all finished and will fight anyone who tries to eat my popcorn


Some of these suggestions are clearly treats but the mods are MIA as usual

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Another vote for Davi… Pringles

Nah man, Pringles have changed lately and they’re proper twat now. Gross.

If we’re talking nuts, it’s cashews for me.

I do wish they were also available in slightly smaller packets so that I could buy one and enjoy the lot in the knowledge that the quantity is limited.

I still manage to polish off a tube of salt and vinegar in a single sitting very easily despite knowing full well they’ll end up giving me mouth ulcers.

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I’ll proper twat you! :muscle:

Jaffa cakes.