Which store cards do you have? What are the best ones? Why?


I’ve got:

Nectar (they do good deals I think)
Paperchase (you get a free voucher on your birthday and a free coffee once a month in some stores)

I’m getting:


I might get:



Just got a reloadable Tesco gift card that gets me 4% off all purchases.

Revolutionising my life.



John Lewis
Boots Advantage


Co-op (maybe)
M&S Sparks (wtf actually is this?)


M&S one is a credit card. I wouldn’t bother unless you’re buying a lot of stuff.


Waitrose. For the free newspaper mainly.


it’s not, is it?



Nectar - Superb stuff, points = cash, get points from the gas bill and ebay as well innit

Nandos - Get reimbursed for evening food at work during crunch so racking up the Nandos points on the company and gaining the points toward free chicken! What a scam@

Think that’s it.


Waitrose, but I never use it now (deals are shit, don’t have one close enough for free coffee / paper).

That’s it.


Mine normally has Jaipur/Westmalle Dubbel/Oakham ales on offer.


oh maybe i’m thinking of the other one, just remember working there and thinking it was one of the most pointless things I’ve ever seen.


You have to pre-select them though, right? I couldn’t be arsed with that even when there was a Waitrose at the end of my road.


yeah I got load of nectar points off train tickets that were being reimbursed :smirk:


I saw in Tesco that you can now get 330ml bottles of Jaipur. I do not like this one little bit!

In order of greatness - Tesco (get free days out quite often), Waitrose (free shit and the magazine is quite good), Nectar (takes ages to build up points and I’m in there every fucking week!)


Reckon we’ve got about forty quids worth saved up on there DazBaz, sometimes I use them to get a free “bits” shop but mostly we just save them up.


Got to save them for the double down around Chrimbo.


I never bother sorting out that pre-selection rubbish.

No: one of those three I’ve mentioned is on offer pretty much every time I’m in there. Not all at the same time, unfortunately.



This is how they get their hooks into you!

I’ve got Nectar obviously. I’d be a fool not to.


I’ll be honest Lonzy, I love accumulating points as much as the next person but I’m not entirely sure what the end-game is with it all.


its so stupid though, just register in a fake name. for my wifi in coffee shops, I’m Pete Burns.


It’s the double down Chrimbo special. Get TTD wine or toys. I know you love both of them.