Which store cards do you have? What are the best ones? Why?



Think that’s about it.

We do most of our online shopping through the Amex/BA portal for loads of extra points and airmiles though.


Love the double Nectar points weeks.

Though last time it happened we ended up specifically going down the big Sainsbos to see what we could get and ended up with bedding, fer fucks sake.


Which one is TTD?


Did you idiots hear what I said about Jaipur?




Ah of course, forgive my ignorance.



Still got some left, isn’t it.


yeah not sure why we didn’t do this, bit silly tbh


Never thought of that. I’ll just have to move house and change my name.



I saw that last week too. Not a fan. You just know the big ones are going to gradually disappear.


Yeah, but those are generic offers, not connected to your loyalty card.


I get most of my Thornbridge delivered straight from them (when they do free deliver of course) so hopefully they won’t there. Got a £5 voucher as it happens…


Waitrose - Free paper and coffee - Used to get 20% off certain stuff and whatnot, but think you have to go on the website and pick your own deals or some shit now which is bare effort
John Lewis - Free coffee and cake
Morrisons - Rack up a £5 voucher every so often

Subway - Got enough points for a free footlong!
Nandos - Got some free chicken coming my way next time I go
Caffe Nero - nearly got enough stamps for a free drink


I saw their new Lukas Helles was in 330ml bottles, didn’t know they were shifting that to the rest of the range. I guess 500ml are more associated with traditional breweries and ales, while 330ml are more in line with “craft” breweries. They can probably charge the same price for them too, the cheeky sods.

They should just start canning anyway, that’s the future.


where’s the best place to shop online? sainsbos? tezzers?


nectar - obvs, although I find I don’t build up points like i used to because of austerity Aldi measures
tesco - never go but got the keyfob
holland and barrett - no idea
boots - every so often they say ‘you can pay with points for that’ and i do
superdrug - no idea
odeon - actually pretty good, had a few free tickets
waitrose - free paper mainly
house of fraser - woman talked me into it when i bought some bras, never used it since


Amazon Fresh was really good when we tried it (uses Morrisons).


sounds a bit evil


Unlike cuddly old Tesco.


I used to get 4%, but last time i loaded up it was only 2%, so i angrily decided not to bother.