Which streaming service is everyone using now?

Quite a few of my friends seem to have moved away from Spotify (which used to be the most used service). Feels like it’s been ages since any innovation happened in streaming, and there are a lot of boring reasons for that to do with legal constraints, but wouldn’t be surprised if a new service launched soon.

This month I’m giving Amazon’s service a go as it’s free for 30 days. Here’s a link if you fancy giving it a go too.

Spotify. Fulfils my needs.


I actually listen to a lot of stuff on bandcamp these days and occasionally youtube, although legally I guess a lot of stuff on there falls into a grey area?

Still use Spotify.

I made the jump from Spotify to Tidal about a year ago, when Spotify were dragging their feet with A Moon Shaped Pool.

Same price, similar coverage, so no reason to switch back to Spotify.

Have your friends gravitated to one service or a random mix?

I finally decided to stick with Spotify after years of swapping periodically to pick up all the free or nearly free offers.

Honestly don’t think there is much to choose between nearly all the streaming services now, just comes down to personal preference on presentation and interfaces etc. I nearly went with Apple because I actually liked their playlists, unlike the other streaming services. But I didn’t like not having a separate desktop music app - mixing all the streaming stuff with all my actual files just made iTunes too unwieldy (and I’m not one of those people who hates iTunes).

I’ll check out the amazon one for sure though.

Spotify. It’s the best that I’ve found and even though in many ways I still think streaming is #problematic I am pretty ethically weak and it is super convenient.

Spotify still rules supreme for me, I switched to Spotify shortly after release after Napster [the subscription service] kept on making progressively worse and worse software and have stuck. Dabbled with Tidal and Apple which seem fine but I’m so etched into the Spotify ecosystem there is pretty much no legitimate reason for me to move providers which offer essentially the same product with no real upside.

Also Spotify Family is just an incredible deal.

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thanks to a thread on DiS i got spotify as soon as it opened up to the public

8 years of playlists, badly organised but to find everything again would be a bit of a ballache

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Spotify, I’ve got the family subscription, which a couple of mates are hijacking as well as my actual family. Haven’t really dabbled with anything else and it gives me everything I need. Google Play when I want to listen to something from my own library that isn’t on Spotify.

Spotify, but I’m really eager for something better that doesn’t delete my offline albums all the cunting time. Did it again this morning!

Tried Google Play but hated the UI.

Mostly Tidal in our house/in the car these days

Apple Music. Get it half price and there’s better integration in my car than Spotify.

Google play for me Clive. Think i signed up to a free trial ages ago and never stopped. Annoyingly i’ve also just paid for another month of Soundcloud Go, depsite only having about 5 songs saved offline and the UI being pish.

Spotify/youtube. As mentioned above the Spotify family thing is pretty great.

To be honest I mostly stream stuff I already own, because it’s easier to use Spotify to download/delete/redownload tracks instead of hooking my phone into the computer and faffing on with moving files into folders like a fucking pleb.

Liking the subtle jag :slight_smile:

Is that due to the app updating?

You can export playlists between services. There are quite a few apps. Like this one https://soundiiz.com/

You know that was the band/label’s decisions, not the services, right? King Knut, etc.

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