Which streaming service is everyone using now?


You know that was the band/label’s decisions, not the services, right? King Knut, etc.


Spotify - occasionally annoying when stuff’s not on there, but that’s my only real gripe.

I find Apple Music infuriating - especially when it comes to its overlap/integration with iTunes. When I tried it I was forever thinking shit was saved on my phone and it wasn’t, and often I’d offline an album only to find a track missing for no apparent reason. Also it freaks out when trying to use it to listen to albums that aren’t on the service (that I’ve downloaded for example), replacing bootleg versions of songs with official ones, etc. Fuck it forever.

It’s pretty rare that Spotify gets in the way of what I want to do (listen to lots of artists, make lots of playlists).


Nope. Just randomly decides it needs to either redownload all the offline albums, or they’re gone altogether.

Just signed up for the 3 month Apple Music trial. Gonna give that a go. Now listening to 1989 for the first time…


Deezer - that premium FLAC file quality on a good system :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Much better UI imho too


I used Deezer for ages as everytime my sub came to an end they would offer me a silly price like 99p for 3 months.

I liked it as much as Spotify. i didn’t realise the audio was higher quality.


just remembered 1 reason for Spotify for me over others is Sonos integration - you can send to Sonos direct from the spotty app rather than using the sonos app. Doesn’t seem like a big advantage but i have ended up using it that way a lot - means I can have spotify playing through my computer or phone and then just flip over or between Sonos speakers. probably not explaining why that is good but it is something I’d miss.


Yeah that’s one thing that is really good, also with PS4. I still prefer Deezer (especially for flow) but this is a good thing and something I look forward to being brought to Deezer hopefully.


in that case my excuse for not changing is that i’m a lazy lazy fucker


Right, that’s Apple Music deleted. Bloody thing keeps crashing on android and takes an age to load.

Liked 1989 though, so ordered the cd for 2 quid.

I’ll give Spotify another chance. Then it’s Deezer’s turn. FFS


Still use Spotify a lot, tend to use Bandcamp for metal stuff although I am likely to buy from Bandcamp and then listen on itunes. I also still have an eMusic subscription which gets me like seven or eight new albums a month.


Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and you tube basically covers all bases; have playlists on all of them.


pretty sure AMSP went on Spotify the same day it came out in the shops, did it not? and they had a message beforehand about how they were hoping to have it soon


still use Spotify. i use the free one cos i only use it on my laptop predominately for checking out albums i’ve not heard. listen to my own collection otherwise.

youtube and bandcamp a bit too obviously but not in the same way i guess.


I couldn’t remember the exact chronology but Wiki tells me it was released digitally (including on Tidal) on 8th May but didn’t hit Spotify until 17th June - two days AFTER the physical release.


yup, my phone does this with saved albums quite often, and sometimes will give the notification ‘downloading 597 tracks’



Supposedly found a fix to this ( I also get that problem ), gonna give it a go. Go to apps on settings and give Spotify permission to access storage. Let’s see. I give it a week


Been with Spotify from the moment it came to the US…


Just a few days ago I got a notice that I maxed out my ‘your music’ collection and cant add any more. Apparently they cap it at 10k and no one informed me. I’m really pissed about this and looking for other solutions. Not happy to have to do it, been happy w spotify for the most part but this is just ridiculous.


The fuck? That’s worrying. Are we talking saved artists, albums, or playlists, or all of the above?


Well every playlist has a 10k cap too, but this is in reference to any time you hit the + sign or ‘save’ an album it puts it into ‘your music’ which is basically just all my favorite tracks ( i dont really add full albums). And yeah apparently they cap you at 10k. So I got some bs message when i hit the plus sign last week “Epic music collection bro, your maxed out” and went and checked it out on the spotify forums:

LOOK AT THEIR ANSWER! Might as well say ‘lol eff off you’re business means nothing to us you pee-on’. Imo that’s close to the worst answer imaginable + it was like 2-3 years ago and no update since…

I could clear out some songs for sure but that wont solve the problem long term, I’ll fill it up again easily. Took me a while after they got rid of ‘starred’ tracks to figure out how I liked to use Spotify but finally found a way that worked for me. Not excited that I either need to switch it up again or find another service.


Spotify is also quite frustrating with how they deal with ‘explicit’ material. Not sure if you have kids but know you’re a hip hop nut so it’s annoying that I have spotify on in the car/house 24/7 but have to consciously think about what I can play that’s family friendly. Just put in a switch for ‘safe mode’ so you don’t get ‘For Free?’ suddenly appear out of nowhere.