Which street that you have lived on do you think the most amount of disers have walked down?



  • We’re judging on the total number of disers, not total number of individual visits

  • If they were specifically visiting your house it doesn’t count

  • Only suggest one street per post

  • To indicate that you have walked down a street please “like” the post

  • Chat is otherwise permitted

Got a message before telling me i'm the 14th most admired DiSer

Never lived on a big main road in a major city, so I’m going to go with



Parkfield Road, New Cross


None of them.


Actually this is a bit of a technicality as it was student halls and not really on this road but it is technically the address so fuck off



Trinity Street, Cambridge


ONE STREET PER POST! I have walked down both of those but am i fuck liking this post until it’s in order


The road in Edgbaston, Birmingham that my hall of residence was on, on the basis that probably someone on here went to the same uni as me and also lived in halls

Don’t know what the road is called but I feel I’ve given enough identifying information


White’s row definitely.


bonus like cos we enjoyed the interruption


Probably Cathays Terrace, Cardiff.


Wood Road

I know of about 5 DiSers who’ve walked down it and maybe even Royter as his sister lives around here somewhere too.


Cheltenham Road, Bristol.


Actually it’s probably Albany or Keppel Road innit, smee & kik will have walked down that one


Holloway Road


Royter’s sister had a little profile in the Newcastle Uni Alumni magazine that arrived in the post the other day.


Old Kent Road


Hackney Road


(I have just given out more ‘likes’ in this thread than all of the others combined. I feel grubby)


I think that might have been his other (more successful) sister?