Which Teacher threw the last piece of chalk and/or blackboard rubber at a pupil?

I reckon that with the wisdom of crowds we can answer this.

There’s a couple of younger people in my office who claim they never saw this happen at school.

It clearly stopped at some point, but when?

Mr Washington threw chalk at one of my classmates in 1984. Any advances on 1984?

Feel free to include other examples of classroom brutality by your teachers but I want dates. Dates!

Mr Beavan lobbed a blackboard rubber at Will Parsons in 1998 or 99

am no a grass


iPad mini thrown at my head during GCSE dance, Feb 2014.

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Good luck Mr Beavan, you could win this!

We had a maths teacher who used to do it up to 2005, when he got sacked for manhandling a kid (grass) out of the class. Ended up with a supply teacher for most of Year 11 then which wasn’t brilliant.

Mr Beavan was something of an anomaly, used to barge into you if you were walking in his path and routinely spat on the floor, not sure he should have been working with children at the turn of the millennium frankly.

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we did have a techy teacher who would throw chisels at students. he had to go on leave for a bit but came back.

legend had it he used to do that thing where he would put his hand over your hand and stab in between your fingers with a chisel

no one ever saw him do it but everyone “knew someone” that had seen him do it

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If not do you want to come round and watch it with me tonight?

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Latin teacher used to through chalk and the duster (the old wooden ones) around at people (pupils). I would always go home with a headache that day, not because I got hit, but from ducking/constantly feeling like it was going to hit me.

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Mr Cooper threw a chair across the room at a pupil but that was in middle school, so pre-1999.

Not sure any teacher did it at high school. My school memories are fading into one blurred mess now.

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It’s dead weird to me when English people say middle school and high school, what ages are you even talking about!?

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It’s an IoW thing, I think they’ve changed the system there now.

5-9 = primary
9-13 = middle
13+ = high

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so you literally had a separate school from 9-13?

I was high from 12+

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also all high schools had a sixth form.

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