Which Teacher threw the last piece of chalk and/or blackboard rubber at a pupil?


Who were you there with Rolf Harris?


was going to do an “alright, guy off that song where he goes once i was seven years old and would get pure stoned out my nut etc” but don’t know his name and fuck off i’m not looking it up

1995, I thought that my dates were made redundant but Ant’s dates

I thought a How High reference ticked all the relevant boxes so I’m glad we’ve got something sorted between us

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1996/97 our maths teacher would throw boardrubbers and pens across the room - not specifically at children just in general frustration when they ran out. He would then speak for a long time on the advantages of chalk over whiteboard, presume he retired before interactive ones came in or he’d have had a meltdown.

1992 PE teacher picked kid up by his hair.

1995ish RE teacher made same kid lie on the floor and rubbed his face in it, this was supposed to be part of a racist roleplay demonstration but was actually her being a complete bitch.

Teacher i worked with threw a table up and over in a class in about 2013? She had to have immediate leave cos she was so stressed cos of the dickhead kids :frowning: it was all caught on camera :frowning:

Once my ICT teacher killed me cos of his death breath

I went to a Middle School but it was early 90’s. 9-13 I think.

We moved areas when I was 13, so I went from the last year of middle school to the second year of senior school half way during the school year, which brings me to Mr Smith the Geography teacher.

He walked around class with a cane, and on fhe first day he bought the cane down in my desk just missing my fingers. The reason being that my handwriting wasn’t good enough. I also ripped up my text book. I was scared shitless of him for the remainder of school. He also threw things at people but never hit them.

Plus the PE/Games teacher gave detention if you didn’t shower or wore shorts in the shower. Seems really dodgy looking back.

Definitely happened in my school into the early 2000s, two science teachers in particular, probably more playful that outright vindictive, but throwing chalk wasn’t uncommon. Think it was because the science labs/classrooms were so outdated, they hadn’t been updated since the 1960s so teachers just picked up on that retro vibe. Never happened in the modern humanities blocks.

I’ve spent the last month or so working in Austrian schools, which still almost exclusively use chalkboards (some have the odd projector or two). I genuinely loathe using chalk, especially in the winter, because it makes your hands itch and aggravates excema.

It’s not just IoW - there are quite a few in Northumberland and North Tyneside.

It wasn’t deliberate but Mr Gray used to spend History prowling the classroom hitting desks with a plastic ruler in an eccentric fashion. The last time he did this, the corner broke off and nearly but Mowie’s eye out.

Mr Roberts broke a year 7 kid’s arm rugby tackling him in PE in 1994,

I know a teacher who still does this. Only she throws books as well.