Which toastie should I get


El Bandito

the mac daddy with chicken and pork obvs

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Italian one or mac n cheese with chicken. Criss cross fries and cod goujons on the side.

All that with the exception of chicken is probably what I’ll go for

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The Triple Threat, obviously

El Bandito or the pulled pork.

@profk - I never knew you were Italian.

Pulled pork or el bandito with jalapeños.

All of them look good

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The Blue Buffalo

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fucks sake

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That goats cheese one sounds ace and is then ruined with walnuts

El Banditoi

even the melts are in tiers!


I am of the opinion the goat’s cheese is the thing that ruins that sandwich.

Depends on the type of Goats Cheese when it comes to toasting it tbf. But I am a massive Goats cheese fan.

Hoisin dragon

El Bandito is the clear people’s choice, I hope Jordan respects this

Billy Goat

Do they not even post them?