Which tube line would you prefer to work on?

Hi Scott_Chegg, I’d like to be a

  • Person that sits in a booth
  • Driver
  • Ticket inspector
  • Platform announcer/assister
  • Other (specify)

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On the

  • Victoria Line
  • DLR
  • Northern Line
  • Metropolitan Line
  • Hammersmith and City Line
  • Waterloo and City Line
  • Piccadilly Line
  • Overground
  • Bakerloo
  • Central
  • Circle
  • District

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Ghost Rider

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Jubilee line cruelly snubbed


Oh yeah!

It’s because it’s a piece of shit

Driver on the really long version of the District, the one that goes from Richmond to Dagenham or some shit. Probably only do the full length (oi oi) twice a day, spend most of your time above ground too.


Lovely, well thought out answer

tbf I’d still have voted for the DLR :man_shrugging:

I dont know London well enough but I wantthe job with as much natural light as possible pls.

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Metropolitan then maybe? You get to go to chesham and back all the time and it doesn’t get dark until Baker Street

my friend is a signal engineer and works mainly on the underground and said the other day he had a meeting where they were discussing what do to with the only pedestrian crossing on the underground???

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Maybe I’ll just be @Steved 's co-pilot

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No thank you.

You don’t get a choice pal

Shout out to all my fellow funny people doing driver on DLR!


Then I’ll go where I’m assigned.

Something I absolutely should have foreseen

Ticket inspector on the central line for you then, rush hour


I’m sure marckee will be along shortly to tell us where it is, but I’m going with a level crossing somewhere on the far reaches of the Metropolitan line.


had no idea which line to choose, not being a london wanker and all, but then i remembered the northern line exists

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I genuinely forgot that they don’t have drivers and thought it’d be the nicest one :man_facepalming:

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