Which two TV shows/events are you most looking forward to?


one coming up soon and one in the not too distant future

soon - Ryder Cup, baby. gonna get in all the booze, all the food and not move from the sofa for 3 solid days. man, it’s gonna be sweet! that’s golf, maaaaaan, fore! get in the hole, you cunt! etc

not so soon - season 9 of Curb. pretty, pretty, pretty excited by the announcement of this. probably (definitely) my most watched sitcom of all time. love me some LD



Westworld and Curb which I found out about approximately nine seconds ago


Soon: Utd vs Zorya on Thursday night. Just love watching the footers innit. My favourite thing to do.

Not so soon: (Also Curb obvs) but for the sake of some variety they might be doing a TV miniseries of The Goldfinch. That will be interesting I guess?


Strong choices! Don’t have Sky so won’t be able to watch the golf, but will defo be following online/radio.

Yeah, didn’t know more Curb was on the way. Good stuff. Big fan of the LD.


Oh yeah, American Gods - probably be shit but hopefully will really piss off Hatfood.


new louis theroux doc on savile


Less than 2 years until the World Cup!


Bob’s Burgers is back, watched the first episode of the new series last night.


not so soon:
davis cup final in bovember i suppose.
his dark materials bbc series whenever that is
second series of top of the lake whenever that is


Soon: Luke Cage is out on Friday
Not-so-soon: The Magicians but there’s bound to be better (than) things before that


Everton v Palace on Friday night, and Westworld.




Next GoT obviously

Did not know about new Curb, that is exciting


Definitely Luke Cage and Crisis in Six Scenes though they both have the potential to be terrible…