Which way up do you put

the cutlery in the dishwasher?
Do you put it so the handles are up and the face/top end of the cutlery is sitting in the bottom of the basket. Or do you put it sharp end up?
For years I was a devoutly sharp end up, but the teaspoons and that would fall down the bottom of the basket and cause CHAOS.
Anyone feel strongly about this? tell people they’re wrong or whatnot? Lets just not pretend we don’t have a dishwasher in this day and age

  • Sharp end up
  • bottom end up
  • shut up

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Sharp end down, but I don’t really have strong opinion about this either way.

Dishwashers are great.

I’m in the club!! it’s all a bit new and exciting and still finding my feet tbh! whoah!


Business end up. Sharp knives the opposite.

Please clarify which I should be voting for.

NB: my cutlery cage has a cover which both spaces out the cutlery and prevents teaspoons sinking down into the abyss.

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Check out the landed gentry here with their dishwashers.


the one time I lived in a place with a dishwasher, I could never be arsed to use it. just hand washed everything

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You should get your badge in five to seven working days.


I don’t have a dishwasher but sharp end up seems too dangerous

I’m not that much of a risk taker

Do you just get your butler to do the washing up, aye?

It’s easily the best chore, so I do it myself ACTUALLY.

While standing on my butler’s back for a better vantage point.

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how very silly

the sharp end is the dirty bit. why would you want to hide that at the bottom of the basket so it gets cleaned less?

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Not having a dishwasher is worse for the environment and therefore extremely Tory.

Worse for the environment than what?

Destroying your crockery in a furnace after one use


Obviously bottom end up, then you can grab it. Otherwise you’re pissing about with avoiding the sharp bits.

spoons don’t have sharp bits

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haha Billy nae sporks

is he the one that did achy breaky heart?


Got my first ever dishwasher a couple of weeks ago.

Knives go sharp end down, spoons and forks go handle-down.