Which way up do you put

when i worked in a coffee shop we were told to put the sharp ends up on the potwash for this reason, so there we have it


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Sharp knives and veg peeler etc pointing down, everything else pointing up.

It annoys me when my boyfriend does the washing up and puts blunt knives (ie ones for eating with) pointing down because the draining rack is hard to clean and pretty manky and the knives are blunt so just point them upwards

cos the spinny cleaner is at the bottom for the bottom things

As a new dishwasher club member myself I can confirm this to be true

Although any actual chopping knives are hand washed

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What is this?

You’ve both had dishwashers for five minutes and you think that you know the first thing about the way of the magic wash box?

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I’ve got a more up to date manual than you though haven’t I smarty pants


Experience has blinded you.

We’re dishwasher millennials and we’re changing the world.

Ha! I’ll bet you give your dishwasher a participation award and put it in a safe space (not the kitchen, that’s full of knives)

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Never been that picky although when even I had a dishwasher I always hand-washed kitchen knives

Although I’ve realised answering this that I store glasses right way up, but mugs upside down, which doesn’t really make any sense now I come to think about it.

still one of the best things on youtube

Idk man, I was only living with 2 other people, so the dishes would sit in the washer for about a week before it was full enough to put on.

Wtf man did you all eat out 3 times a day?

I would usually eat at the cafe I worked in - either dinner or lunch at least. Would never drink tea or coffee at home for that reason either. The other two would cook stuff for the week and just eat that. Just seemed silly to use the washer.

AKA you were too young and happy to give a shit that your kitchen was a pig sty

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Nahhh. Have a track record of being a dick about house cleanliness since I left home, which I regret looking back on it.

Remember a tragic story about a young woman and a dishwasher so i always face cutlery down. If they’re not perfectly clean I can give them a wipe.