Which websites do you miss?

Fucking MySpace and designing your own page, having an indie song play on the little music player (people used to actually care about that) and basically trying to reflect your stupid 17 year old personality on your page best time of my life fuck off


This is me endorsing it btw

Think i was only 14 when we all switched to facebook but my myspace song was the bucket by kings of leon

New Picture Comments!

Just came


The layout, HTML, design etc of NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day hasn’t changed since 1998, when I first started looking at it regularly. It’s a wonderfully comforting constant in stressful world of endless flux. Or something.




Omg Dollzmania

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Barbelith forums. Great people and I picked up such many great music tips. Still can’t believe they let one troll destroy the place. :frowning:

The first board I ever got properly involved with was the Punk Planet magazine forums. Bunch of disllusioned and bitter lefties in their late twenties and thirties making up threads of absolute rubbish, chatting shit, arguing about politics and trying to upstage each other with liking more obscure bands than the next poster. Wish there was something like it now.


This is a Wolfcastle trap, right? :grinning:

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Edge magazine forum. Think they set up an independent follow-on when the official Future publishing one shut down. I didn’t make the jump across.

Used to play Pie Bill Gates every lunchtime in sixth form. Simpler times.

Various band message boards and the daft rivalries between the ones for the same band about who were the true fans :joy:

Coke Machine Glow.

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Holy Warbles

Mine was banquet by bloc party

Just reminded me of play.com - I used to buy so many of my CDs from there fifteen or so years ago.


i miss the time that myspace was full of bands that myself and my mates at college were in. now all that music is lost :disappointed:

my form group at school was in an IT room and it was an endless battle to find websites we could play games on that hadn’t yet been blocked. remember once working out that international sites weren’t blocked so ended up playing tetris etc on lots of websites that ended in .nl / .fr / .de

my mate misses certain content that’s no longer on tumblr

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Mine was Architecture in Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind, I think.

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Architecture in Helsinki is absolute classic MySpace profile song


Ikr :sunglasses: