Which websites do you regularly read?

Thinking more UK and world news, sport, TV and film, etc, etc, than forums and social media, etc.

Joke answers welcome.

The Ringer (US sport and pop culture, some politics)
Fantasy football scout (and a bunch of other fantasy sport sites)
NFL .com
Five Thirty Eight (US stat-based analysis)
Digitiser 2000 (daft computer game nonsense from back in the day, but up to date)

BBC News, Guardian, FT, The Atlantic, New Yorker, New York Times etc for news & sport. Used to be able to piggyback on my work’s account for the Economist, but that’s stopped working now.

CityLab, CItyMetric, Dezeen, Building Design, Architect’s Journal, Spoon & Tamago and a bunch of others for design/architecture stuff.

Which? for if we’re buying something. RockPaperShotgun and MrBiffo for gaming.

That’s probably about it. Maybe Pitchfork, Noisey, Broadly etc if someone posts a link to a decent article.

Oh, couple more: LRB, New Socialist, London Reconnections, Business Insider, Politics.co.uk mainly if articles pop up on my feed.

Nobody cares mate!

To be honest, I/we usually have BBC News streaming in the background for when you really that that daily 8-hour fix of Grenfell or ISIS. Tend to open BBC News and BBC Sport on the bus just to take in the headlines, and that’s about it. :biking_man: CyclingNews.com too, obviously. TBH I just have Tweetdeck open all day and flick to that for the latest news and opinions.

None, really/ The Jacobin every so often.

Guardian, DiS, and Eurogamer

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Pretty much my list as well.

The Guardian
reddit (mostly for r/bjj and r/mma)


BBC News, Guardian and this one mainly. For finding out what/when TV shows are coming up I tend to use this one https://www.geektown.co.uk/uk-air-dates/

boring bike ones

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The Atlantic, BBC, Politico, RFE, OpenDemocracy, Vice (/Broadly/Noisey), FiveThirtyEight, Buzzfeed, FT, The Economist, The Guardian, The Telegraph and Newsweek are probably the main ones.




Trying to reduce the amount of politics and news I’m reading over the last few weeks atm tho tbh, was getting really depressed and paranoid.

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