Which Will Self book to start with?

Never read any of his novels or non fiction books but always enjoy the articles I’ve read by him and he seems decent on question time and other such programms. Tell me more

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The Best Of Will Self



Find his books really hard work.

Short collections are usually quite fun - Cock and Bull Story for instance. I really can’t remember the title but the one about the afterlife is fairly amusing (got the pickled shark on the cover). Just keep a dictionary handy! I’ve really lost touch with his writing in recent years. Might have to delve in again myself.

Great Apes is fairly enjoyable and not too much hard work


Yep I was going to recommend Great Apes as a good start.


do people take him seriously as a novelist? the last few things he’s written are a self-conscious* attempt to ‘bring back modernism’ or something. the last one was a 600 page long single paragraph.

I have his psychogeography collection, with illstrations by ralph steadman. I have not read it


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really liked psychogeography
i am a total flâneur though


First one I read was The Quantity Theory of Insanity which I remember being a pretty decent short story collection

Later read Liver which was harder to get into.

Only read great apes. I liked it though

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Only read Great Apes. Didn’t really get it.

my flâneuering is half-arsed at best. I will read it at some point though

Grey Area (if you like short stories)

Have to admit I’d rather listen to him talk than read anything he writes anymore. His enthusiasm for literature is quite infectious!

This whole imbroglio is epiphonemonal


Imbroglio is such a great word. Reminds me of seraglio, which is apposite what what!

He did a talk at my uni and sooo couldn’t be fucked, but it was quite entertaining anyway.