Which workplace animal are you?

  • Workplace tiger
  • Workplace terrier
  • Workplace shark
  • Workplace ostrich
  • Workplace beaver
  • Workplace badger
  • Workplace dog
  • Workplace cow
  • Workplace snake
  • Workplace worm
  • Workplace shrew
  • Workplace hawk
  • Workplace lion
  • Workplace slug
  • Workplace mole
  • Workplace panther
  • Workplace weasel
  • Workplace donkey
  • Workplace horse

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Mole. Not bad, not a pest, but hides away unseen in their own world a lot to the point that people can forget they’re even there

Then occasionally they make a fuss and a molehill appears and everyone has to remember about them


My main quality in the workplace is my love and respect for my colleagues. I am a workplace dog.


Workplace cat. Quite like attention, quite like spending a large chunk of the working day napping.

The one that doesn’t do anything


I have been and will always be a worm.

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Looking at the results it seems that we have too many slugs on our books and it’s not gonna be sustainable :frowning:

@paidinfull we’re gonna need you to be more horse-like this financial year, I hope that’s not asking too much


Badger. That is I spend most of the day sleeping.

Also there are quite a lot of people who want to kill me.

I’m a mole in the spy sense in that I do use my office job as a means to find out things that benefit my tour and freelance stuff from time to time, or just to keep me in the know as is expected of me as the voice of Buildings, Benches and Council Corruption.

Also, I often stay very quiet and regularly think about digging my way out of the office with my hands.

Sorry, but if I’m going to have to cover equine functions on top of my existing limacine responsibilities, I’ll need a pay rise.

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Yeah that’s fair enough. How does an extra sugar lump a week sound?

Obviously I’d have to run it by the big man but I don’t expect it to be a problem, he’s happy with your work and I basically run things around here anyway

How do i work this out?

If you can throw in a company nosebag I’m in.

Shouldn’t be a problem

@sean can you sign off on the above? Don’t worry too much about the details it’s just standard business stuff

should be something cave-dwelling, really

Workplace galapagos tortoise, given that I’ve been there for twenty years