Which would be easier...

… to find

  • Needle in a haystack
  • Hay in a needlestack

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… to make

  • A mountain out of a molehill
  • A molehill out of a mountain

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Speculation encouraged. And polls.


  • a tonne of feathers
  • a tonne of bricks

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  • You have to fashion an outfit appropriate to wear to a very formal Catholic wedding from (non-fabric) materials that are all available in your current home
  • You have to convince an untrained rodent (of your choosing) to tackle a Crufts style agility course (dog sized) in one week

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Cringing imagining turning up to a wedding in a bin bag dress with paper chain jewellery

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  • Hoy a monkey into the sea starting from where you are now ie monkey collection, transportation and hoying.
  • Understand how telephones work.

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Please tell me what the fuck “hoy” means

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  • Dismantle and reassemble a television set (32")
  • Locate and buy a firearm within 2 hours of now

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I don’t believe you.

Lots of people very confident of buying a gun during a lockdown.

  • Lay down on a comfortable bed
  • Sit down on an uncomfortable chair

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hoy ( third-person singular simple present hoys , present participle hoying or hoyin , simple past and past participle hoyed )

  1. (Tyneside) To throw.

Needle in a haystack is obviously much easier because you could use a magnet

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  • Calm a gobin
  • Enrage an elf

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  • I can tell you how to get to sesame Street
  • I DO know the way to San Jose

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smh failing to get a partridge reference, hand your DiS membership card in on your way out sheeldzy

oh, i’ve never been a dis membership holder, always sneaked in under Lopes’ jacket

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