Which would you prefer?

Too much rolling shit isn’t it not? Never look at a film thread or whatever anymore. Too much rating shit too. Not enough arguing about cutlery drawers.


No they aren’t

do feel like it’s harder to get to know people on here and grow attached to them in the age of polls

10/10 opinion



if there are less threads with low engagement that means more threads get more engagement

Boards feel v busy these days. You can have a cup of tea and there’s been about 200 replies in ten minutes.
Please delete three users (me, and 2 of my enemies)


I think there’s less people but we all post more,

Not really. Just less fun. For me.

kind of no point asking a question now as you will always get more engagement from a poll of the same thing

Nah deffo more people, lots more imho

Not going to look in there…

Fewer Smees, at least.

There’s at least 2 isnt there
2 too many

I think we need a thread to bring us all back together, like when we arranged ourselves in height order

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Never open the daily threads unless i want to use it to moan about something

Sometimes when I’m searching for something I’ll find an old daily thread post that I would have liked to reply to but it’s too late

Too many Scottish.

Dunno how many times I need to point this out before action is taken.

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seems like about 10% of DiS is scottish so that probably is about the same as the general UK population?