Which would you rather lose from your life?


Cheese or potatoes?




Difficult choice for me.


Taters, pretty comfortably




Would be quite comfortably cheese if it wasn’t for pizza


Don’t even want to think about this

  • Pommes de terre
  • Fromage

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Think the worst that would happen from losing cheese would be me occasionally thinking “I wish this had a bit of cheese in it” whereas no potatoes means no crisps/chips etc, much worse.


do you never have cheese & crackers? A much better snack than crisps (though admittedly less convenient)


Guys if you’re not picking potatoes what the fucking shitting hell is wrong with you


Crisps would be okish as you could go maize based snacks


Nah, maybe at Christmas but never aside from that


Also there are cheese substitutes. No such thing as a potato substitute.

(Smash doesn’t count)


I do love Flamin’ Hot Monster Munches!


What is a cheese substitute? Egg?


completely the opposite to this. Potatoes can be replaced with (depending on context) sweet potato, squash, rice, pasta, gnocchi, etc.

Nothing replicates cheese anywhere near as well





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