Whisk(e)y Thread

Try it with a drop of water - literally two or three drops

If you don’t have a dropper or a pipette, then you can flick it in off your fingers!


This advice is excellent - I’ve had bottles of 50+% that I didn’t like because I couldn’t get the water mix right but I’ve just tried it with some drops and it’s completely changed the game.

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Got a nice free haul from a house clearance yesterday, nothing special, but free!!

Cracked open the glenmorangie, but the cork disintegrated in my hands - not rotten, but really crumbly.

The internet told me to decant and filter the contents, so I did. Am I going to get the shits if I drink this though? Question maybe for @Ella_Megablast .

(I guess it was bottled maybe 20 years ago, no idea how it’s been stored)

Yep, as long as the whisky still tastes fine just run it thru coffee filter paper or a muslin, bottle it back up and bung a spare cork in there

Ah wait you’ve done it already. Should be absolutely fine to drink, if it tastes good it is good


Want to buy in a nice bottle for Christmas, just for me - looking for any recommendations from the experts here.

  • Doesn’t need to be cheap but not into triple digits.
  • Looking for something to savour - wanting something with big flavour, aroma, good mouthfeel - something to sink into an armchair with.
  • Open to all styles - equal love for peated and unpeated, not averse to a good blend, not precious about location.
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Also working my way through this, definitely the best French whisky I’ve tried (most of them are awful tbh)

Scotch - Dalmore 14 year old
Irish - Green Spot

The former is very wintry - fruit-cakey and warming

The latter is more spicy, peppers and cloves. packs a punch

(I am not the expert tho)


Actually not long finished and enjoyed a bottle of Yellow Spot which I picked up at a good price on Amazon, don’t think I’ve ever actually had the Green Spot so might be a good shout.

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Any Springbank you can get your hands on. Or Port Charlotte 10


According to the spreadsheet these are my favourite bottles under £100:

Scotland - Glasgow 1770 Peated (£47)
Ireland - Dingle Single Malt Batch No.6 (£75)
Rest of the world - Brenne French Single Malt (£62)


Interesting - if the data is all there already could you expand to a top ten and maybe also the top few that are say £100-£150 in case I find anything down the back of the sofa?

I’m kinda in love with all things Port Charlotte of late. Port Charlotte 10 is about £60 and a lovely dram. Also the PC islay barleys are lovely and about £80.
Appreciate it’s in the triple digits but the PMC Port Charlotte is absolutely divine, £110 a bottle right enough but it’s been aged in Pomerol casks and it’s smoky and sweet and just delicious.

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Note that this list is purely based on whisky enjoyed at home since December 2020, and excluding anything tried at tastings or in bars/restaurants.

  1. Aberfeldy 21 Year Old Madeira Cask (£180)
  2. Bimber Re-charred Oak Cask Char Level Number 4 (£135)
  3. Glasgow 1770 Peated (£47)
  4. Dingle Single Malt Batch No.6 (£75)
  5. Aberfeldy 21 Year Old (£145)
  6. Brenne French Single Malt (£62)
  7. Mosgaard Organic Single Malt (£96)
  8. St Urban Single Malt (£130)
  9. Glencadam 21 Year Old (£100)
  10. Whisky Works King of Trees 10 Year Old (£74)

Also, above are current retail prices, and not necessarily the original purchase price.

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Have any of you ever bought taster bottles, or something like this:
Peaty Whisky Advent Calendar (2023 Edition) | Master of Malt
It was going for around £100 but they’ve put the price back up today. I was very tempted at £100. They’re 30ml samples of bottles that they sell for around £60, with a few more expensive whiskies of up to £100. You get about 700ml in total, so a bottle’s worth. Obviously you’re paying a premium of around 50% to get samples rather than a whole bottle but assuming the bottles are decently priced in the first place, this doesn’t sound too bad?

I’d have to buy two though, one for me and one for the missus, and I’m not sure I can spend £200 on unknown whisky…