Definitely not a connoiseur

… but the Ardbeg 10 is lovely.

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Love me some Jura and Talisker. Laphroaig is wayyy too peaty and Germolene-esque. Macallan is a good one too.

As far as blended whiskies go, Naked Grouse is decent enough.

Glad no-one has suggested Bell’s yet…

friend of mine’s middle name is talisker after his parents drank a load of it one night a while before he was born

hope you had a good evening!


Glenn Beck

speyside - thamdhu/ mortlach
islay - ardbeg
island - highjand park/ talisker
highland - oban/ edradour
cambletown - springbank
lowland - don’t really have one

need to get some more mortlach

I also enjoy a laphroaig


Great evening, terrible morning thus far.


pal of mine has just called his brand new dog talisker


Favourite recent drop is Kilchoman Machir Bay. Islay, but not mega peaty. Quite young I think, like 8 years. Good drinking.

ATD is either Talisker 18 or Johnny Walker Blue (only had the one though).

Of the readily available stuff, love a Jamesons or JW Black. Would like to try the Double Black.

Strong dog name game!

best blend i’ve had is probably johny walker blue


brand new dog > all time dog

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Not sure I have one, but recently working my way through and thoroughly enjoying Caol Ila (12 year)

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban was my previous bottle and that’s really nice too.

Laphroaig; Highland Park; Talisker: all good.

For easy drinking blends, I probably shouldn’t, but I really like Monkey Shoulder.

Sometimes I feel I know about whiskey / really want to get into it, other times I cba.

We’re having a whiskey tasting night in the office on Friday, with the lads at the Whiskey Society coming in. We all get to take a bottle home again, to add to the £160 bottle of Ardberg I got last time. bd

I have a 6 whisky rule at home. Always got to have these 4 in at ALL times:

  • Talisker (just your standard Talisker 10, the Storm and Skye versions are not worth the extra money imo)
  • Highland Park 12
  • Penderyn Madeira Cask
  • Johnnie Walker Black

Soon as they run out - I buy more.

Then have the rest of the cupboard topped up at least 2 others which are usually a bit more special that I’ve picked up or gotten as gifts. At the moment we’re rocking

  • Bunnahabhain 12
  • Balvenie Doublewood
  • Glen Moray 12

Wish I earned more - I’d have the cupboard stocked with 18s rather than 12s but there we go. And more of your Japanese lads. Yamazaki is divine but it’s about £70 a throw.

Favourite whisky that I can regularly buy is the Penderyn Madeira Cask. It. Is. Heavenly.


I finally got my laughing gear round this in Lisbon last year - some bar was practically giving it away at about 12 Euros a dram! Have to say it was mightily good but not 10x better than the Black (which is how much more a bottle of Blue costs compared to the Black). I think the Chivas Regal 18’s probably the best blend I’ve ever had.

For a go-to bottle of everyday blended Scotch I don’t think the Black will ever be beaten.

Also - this more modern thing for having ‘peated’ versions of other whiskeys. Not a fan at all. Worst culprit - Jura Superstition. Takes the original textures away for a taste of wimpish peat (not that standard Jura 10’s anything worth getting too excited about). Absolute worst of both worlds. Look if you’re gonna go peaty, you’ve got to go big on it or it’s not worth it. Laphraoig Quarter Cask or Lagavulin or something.


Bunnahabhain is a satisfying word to say

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…but an even more satisfying thing to drink!

That caramel gig you get on the aftertaste. That’s what I’M talkin’ about.