White Appliance Solid Construction Appreciation Thread

Can’t stress enough how pleased i am that our mini dishwasher, which we’ve had four years and last night i thought was broken, is still going strong.

I have high hopes for it lasting a decade as long as its cared for neatly.

Which white appliance(s) are you fond of?

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Do you wash normal sized dishes in the sink?

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ha ha!

Not white goods but I continue to be impressed that my decade old PS3 still works as a DVD player AND still works with Netflix and the like, despite being slept on by a very sheddy cat whenever it’s switched on

When it finally gives up the ghost it will get only a respectful nod and indulgent smile from me, no ill will. It has served my family well and proudly


Still got a ps2 serving as our only dvd player. 20 years old now! Fans noisy as fuck mind.


Henry Hoover came into my life during the 2002 worls cuo. insatiable.

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Also not white goods, but we have a 12 year old Samsung plasma TV that we won in a competition and it’s still going strong :tv:

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When my gran died I inherited I inherited her Miele washing machine. It weighed 100kg and she bought it in 1983. It lasted until 2009. Amazing build quantity. They cost twice as much as other brands but last 4-5 times longer.

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I’m not sure the modern ones last as well - I had one in the noughties (bought on the promise of longetivity as with kids we were destroying machines at the time)

It lasted a bit longer maybe but nothing like your Grans


not a ‘white’ appliance, but my laptop.

late 2011 macbook pro, turning 10 this year, and only had to change the battery and replace a fan once. kind of feel like i’ve gone through a lot with it and look upon it with weird fondness, like an old friend.

might get it framed when it finally bites the dust.

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I got myself a Lenovo laptop in March 2011 for £279

it was still functioning (not brilliantly fast but well enough for basic admin) 6 years later when I ended up donating it to DIY Space For London cos they needed a laptop for sorting memberships etc. on the door

I assume it has died by now

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