White lotus

2nd series on sky/now tonight. Absolutely loved the first series, cast for season 2 looks great, love aubrey plaza and chrissy from the sopranos.
Really high hopes


Looking forward to the return, strong additions for the season. Also bonus Aubrey Plaza time as Emily the Criminal is available digitally now in the UK

Weekly, it’s in line with the US this time

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I didn’t like the first series, my wife loved it though so I assume i’ll be watching this tonight

I’m very excited as I have been to Taormina where this season is set. Will spend the whole time going WE WENT THERE


“Which doctors say that?”

Oh this was very excellent.


You’d think Dominic’s ex (just found out that was Laura Dern) would have blocked his number or refused to answer by now if she hates him that much

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I’ve mentioned it before on various threads.

White Lotus created and written by Mike White is pretty good.

Enlightened which he co-created with Laura Dern, who’s the lead in that, is an absolutely stunning show. Easily the best thing Dern has done. One of the best TV shows of the last decade.

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Love Aubrey’s character in this. Hopefully we get more of the hotel manager too, the Aussie one in the last series was the best thing about it.
Looking forward to the inevitable descent into chaos.

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I love this programme. First episode was great.

F. Murray Abraham guffing while chatting up the hotel staff :rofl:/:nauseated_face:

Strong start! It’s a really great cast, and I’m just very happy to see Chris from The Sopranos in stuff. Very tough to guess how any of this will play out.

This season does seem to have fewer working-characters than the first season, even if you count the two sex worker friends in that category (which I do), but maybe they’ll broaden things in the second episode.

Loved it! Only complaint is my sky player app was showing episode 2 as available when it isn’t :rage:

really good tv show

Was worried S2 would be disappointing but that ep was an absolute hoot.

That was a prosthetic on Theo James right :eyes:

Didn’t see ‘peppa pig’ coming :skull:


Yeah this is so great already.

Even having read this post in advance I didn’t see it coming.

Wasn’t fully convinced that this needed a second series. Felt like the first one was a brilliant little self contained gem and any attempt to make a second series would just feel a bit pointless.

Happy to say that (so far) I was totally wrong. Turns out that good looking rich people torturing each other in beautiful locations never gets old!


Think I tried Enlightened a while back but didn’t finish, must have not clicked. Really don’t remember, might try again.

Really happy to have White Lotus back, solid episodes so far.