White lotus

That bit where Mia and Lucia couldn’t hear each other and just accepted it rather than just move slightly closer to each other was lazy as fuck. Really incongruous with how deliberate and careful this show has been up to this point


Thought that was a pretty weak filler episode. Still funny in places though, Tom Hollander is having a lot of fun.

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I thought that was great fun.

Tom Hollander’s character reminds me of The Magus.

Essex boy needs to do one, doesn’t fit in at all.

Next 2 eps will have to be very strong to get close to Season 1. The three Italians the best thing in it by far, but no Armond.

Yeah this wound me right up

Essex boy is good

Very convincingly the kind of dickhead you could definitely have fun with if you met on a holiday in contrast to Albie who wouldnt be much fun at all


Not very interested in that storyline as a whole though, hope they take it somewhere good

Totally out of place for the show though. A mid 20s guy like would be in Marbella and Zante with his crew. Not two months tagging along with his uncle and gay friends.

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You’re right there but I do like having Nipples about. He brings a completely different and refreshing vibe from everyone else.

Tom Hollander is so good. Always brings it.


Feels intentionally out of place though - haven’t worked out why yet but I thought it was pretty refreshing.

The story about the lady in the island house being found dead on the rocks a premonition? My money is on (theory) Aubrey Plaza suffering the same fate, possibly after a lazy Romeo and Juliet-esque misconception about her husband’s suspected infidelity

Absolutely. I think it was important that she copped off with a kind of fun amusing lad like that than if they’d gone for the more predictable Italian Stallion type. Think it adds a few more layers to that storyline with her and Albie, with it now being more about two Americans on holiday using these ‘fun’ characters for their pleasure, whereas before it felt like it was heading in some kind of nice guy/incel spurned by a woman direction.

No way they wrote those lines in the bar, they’ve clearly said to the Essex lad ‘just go at it and order what a lad like this would order in a Wetherspoons in Southend’.

Think the Essex lad is a good addition. Mike White writes all of it I think, so not sure how he’s so accurately portrayed the England fuckboy (unless it’s been ad-libbed, hard to say). I get the implication that he’s been travelling all over and having a bit of a flying visit to see his uncle/stay in a 5 star place - could have been made more explicit, and there could be more to his story, but I’m head-cannoning it as that for now.

As for Mia and Lucia not getting closer to each-other, I thought that made sense! For Mia to get closer she’d have to take off her shoes, go into the water, get sand all over her feet, rinse it off, then hurry back to the chapel (knowing time is short). Not only that but Mia probably didn’t want to do too much to interrupt Lucia’s work. As for Lucia - in their conversation before, they disagreed about Mia’s plan, and I took Lucia not coming closer to be her sort of softly saying “I’m busy and whatever you’re doing is part of your bad idea that i didn’t agree with so you’re on your own”. Not realising it would go quite like that.

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Love how the Essex lad actor has seemingly got into character purely by watching Love Island.

Doubt the Essex boy is really Tom Hollander’s nephew? I reckon he might be being paid to be there…theres definitely more to that group than just a bunch of rich hedonists imo.

Would mirror the American lad getting off with the Italian prostitute as well?

Looking forward to the Palermo party next week either way.


Ah. The Essex lad’s story makes more sense now.

(also Aubrey Plaza is fantastic this episode)


Fuck! So good.

His story being what exactly? Could you remind me? Didn’t see that ending coming woah

Poor Portia. Ending felt like early Game of Thrones. The shock moment the series needed. Essex boy earned his place.

Not much of a story as such, more of a general thing. In this thread some of us, (and I’ve seen other people online say similar stuff) weren’t sure why a young straight guy would be tagging along with a group of much older gay men and not his own mates. I’m not sure where they’ll go from here but I guess Tanya will mistakenly think it’s incest when they aren’t actually uncle/nephew?

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