White lotus

Anything in Essex Boy fleeing the restaurant without paying? The uncle / group’s friendship with Tanya all a ruse to grab her cash?

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I posed this question to my husband is she gonna think incest or that they’re lying about who they are? She did ask Portia if she thought she was oblivious.

She’s 100% gonna shag Cameron


Think he’s some kind of sex trafficked person? Like he’s got no money and doesn’t get paid but gets accommodation and to tag along but hasn’t got money to fly home?

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Took it more that he’s just “kept” and doesn’t have his own money or life or anything


The thing I couldn’t work out was why Daphne showed Harper the pic of her kids instead of the trainer?

Feel like I missed something obvious as it was a weird mistake to make

That’s very possible (that Tanya will realise). Like Greg said, Tanya is a lot of things, but one of them is being very perceptive!

That felt very “Tie him down” advicey to me

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Maybe the kids were with the trainer…

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Daphne was saying that Cameron isn’t the dad to her blonde-hair and blue-eyed kids, the trainer (who also has those features) is. Daphne is smart enough to never say that out loud, and this was a way to further indicate that her approach to marriage/relationships is fundamentally different. Also a decent way of telling Harper to sling her hook (again, without saying it implicitly)!

The passive-aggressiveness between Daphne and Harper. I can’t bear it lol. The final two episodes will be brutal.

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She described the trainer as having blonde hair and big blue eyes, which one of the kids in the picture also had…

Very much enjoyed Tanya’s line in the last episode about how “these are some high end gays!”


“Did you knit your little cap?” killed me, not as much as “That’s the weirdest voice I’ve ever heard” last week though


Husband made a v interesting point that all the women are in different stages of “your husbands cheating on you”

Harper is super early on
Daphne is a bit along
Old dudes wife was probably like daphne but has had enough
Tanya is just oblivious/in denial

Finished S1 and started S2 last night

Overall I liked S1 a lot, there’s not a single bad thing about it. Good performances, some lovely character growth (Quinn’s arc was properly heartening), plenty of commentary on stuff without it being too leaden or heavy, and really liked the punchy 6-episode format. Also very much RIP Armond you beautiful boy :frowning:

That said … it also didn’t blow me away? For all the praise it got and how long I’ve been wanting to see it, it felt really pretty low-key in the end. I was expecting quite a bit more from it, in some way i can’t identify. Still glad I watched it and would recommend it (I’ve spent much more time on much worse shows) just can’t quite get why it was so hyped


S2 fitting into the same mood from the start, already struggling so hard with Aubrey Plaza and that group - literally hid behind a cushion for half their scenes. But looks great, sounds great (loved the score for the first season actually, was just off-kilter enough), the stuff with the assistant and the son was cute, Luci seems like she could be very good value, interested to see if her friend follows her down the same path, and Chrissy!

I was honestly expecting Tanya to be bumped off by the group on behalf of her husband based on some of the comments here (it might still happen I suppose).

On behalf of gnome

Does the 2nd series of The White Lotus have the same soundtrack?

Thought it was good at first but it became so repetitive it started making me feel both increasingly tense and irritated.

Think that’s definitely their aim. Could Tanya’s husband be the cowboy Tom Hollander was in love with? Reckon some murderous shenanigans on the gay yacht could lead to some of the bodies in the water (on top of Will and Cam killing each other after a midnight game of jetski chicken goes wrong)

It’s possible but does seem like a pretty dark turn for the series, Tom Hollanders line about dying for beauty seemed pretty ominous.

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