Who are some of the greats in your lives?

For this young man it was his father. As I am looking at having my first child very soon this is who I really aspire to be like. I want to be there for my kid through all areas of his life. Any tips?

Great Britain #godsavethequeen #brexitmeansbrexit #knightstemplar #sirnigelfarage #clarksonclarksonclarkson

Ha who can argue with brilliance!

Opened the thread to say Benjamin Crawford, but looks like I’m Captain Unoriginal.

Can’t wait till his copyright expires in April 2017!

Probably Captain Unoriginal for me.

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Great Yarmouth

Glad to see Bon Iver has dropped all that nonsense from his last album. Just back to to top quality shit.


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really wish he would sort those string ends out

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Such an influence on me

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I’d have never got to where I am today without this guy

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Mother’s Day is LITERALLY next weekend. Sad!


I prefer the original

what the fuck is going on

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personally a big fan of the 1963 train robbery

You just had to, didn’t you