Who Are The Best Band

with a member called Clive?

I’m struggling to think of any at all

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Me too

The Clive

There’s record producer Clive Davis. That’s about all I can do a Marckee on think of

Keep thinking Clive Mansell then realising it’s Clint.

‘i knew a father Clint Power, maybe she’s going on about him’


Um, Gregson & Collister? Think I saw them at the Cambridge Folk Fest in 1991.

(Clive Gregson).

The only Clive I can think of in the music business at all is Clive Sarstedt, brother to Rick and Peter.

Trivium: The Sarstedt brothers are the only brothers in the history of popular music to have all separately scored top 5 singles in the UK. Rick performed as Eden Kane. They never recorded as an ensemble. (Therefore the OP’s question remains unanswered.)

this is a trick question right?

Is that a real band? Gonna need a YouTube link to verify.

That’s Nigel, not Clint, nor Clive


Are they any good though?

…maybe maybe not

there’s a Clive in…I’m not falling for this

Clive Davis, big name producer.

With his best selling song

You Drive Me Crazy (But I Moustache / Must Dash)

They were not the worst act at Cambridge Folk Fest in 1991.

I wasn’t there so will have to take your word for it

Iron Maiden had a drummer called Clive for a spell there

Clive Dunn and the Grandads?