Who are the best comedy actors/actresses?


Inspired by the Austin Powers thread. That Will Ferrell seems to have a good following.
I would make it a poll thread but there’s loads so let’s just muck in with our favourites instead eh?

I for one like Jim Carrey and looking at his rubbery face/remembering any part of the first Ace Ventura gives me a case of the giggles. (Althought in hindsight that film is pretty transphobic)



Will Ferrell is one of the least funny people alive, and I genuinely think less of people who like him.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Will Ferrell
Amy Poehler
Kaitlin Olson
Zach Galifianakis
Kristen Wiig
Will Forte


Veep, Will Ferrell, and some made up people, alright.


Which ones are made up please?


Will Forte

you’ve just taken Will Ferrel and changed a few letters. we’re not daft.


Oh yeah! Silly me!


zach woods


I have googled him and he looks sad.


Although the gif is when used in the right context, this man is not funny:


Michelle Gomez - she is absolutely brilliant in everthing she does, and just hilarious in Green Wing


julia davis
bill murray
christopher guest

dennis/mac/charlie from iasip & jonah/richard from veep are all great but not seen them in enough other things to nominate them for bestness


Paul Rudd as well obvs


steve carrell’s good, wish he ever in anything decent


Will Arnett


Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine? It pretends it is good but it isn’t.


Richard Ayoade


Fully agree with this one but he is a bit of a one trick pony, it is a very good pony.


Everyone in Garth marenghi
Jim Carry
Bill Murray
TJ wotsit from Silicon Valley

Love Jim in Batman Forever. Basically he just set out to destroy every scene he was in on purpose didn’t he. His Riddler is the best villain in any Batman movie.


…put you in your place…?!