Who are the DiSers who you most admire?


not necessarily because they’re funny or have a great pair of trainers…other stuff. or maybe those reasons, I ain’t making this a strict @Antpocalypsenow thread, you know

really like your man @shrewbie . everything he says makes me laugh. don’t think he’s even trying to be funny, he’s just really quirky and silly…which are obviously GREAT QUALITIES

my main man @Petagno is just so wise. I wish I was him in many ways. any question you have, this cat will have the definitive answer. seems to have done everything in the world. like this guy a lot. not so keen on the horror thing, but hey, we all have our flaws

obviously everyone else is superb too, but these guys just do it for me, you know

circle-jerk anyone?


Can’t really tell the usernames apart, tbh.


Heart really sunk when I was tagged in this but not as an example :’(


man, you are my favourite obviously. goes without saying. love you to bits Ant


I always get you confused with Eltham. the E’s innit.



Holy moly he’s here! Admire his ‘trucking’ (trend bucking) with regard to ageing conventions and commitment to leg bopping.

My ‘most liked’ poster on the new boards is @Antpocalypsenow so I guess I must admire him? I guess he’s posting some solid stuff in the football threads.


Easily done, @meths


this sounds a bit hollow and fake now, but I FUCKING MEAN IT MAN


You’re a great guy silkz, no sweat man.


@shrewbie is one of the best people of all time


Not sure about admiration. The person I have liked most and replied to most is @epimer … most of you play your part in DiS’s rich tapesty.

The people who have liked me the most are @1101010 and @ma0sm though I take this with a pinch of salt: Theo seems to like EVERYTHING and ma0sm has just liked all of the squidpan memes I’ve made.


Probably @bugduv. No matter how irk’d I get, how much bait we all nibble on, how tiresome some of the antibants, wigs falling off, kingtippers, and the like… he always talks utter sense in the football threads when he’s on about formations, line-ups, history, and I doff my cap to that. I go in shaking my fists and come out nodding sagely along.

@foppyish is one of my favourites alongside @shrewbie, genuinely lovely eggs. And of course we all want to be as suave as @elthamsmateowen when we grow up. @Epimer is always helpful with penoid questions, and takes time out to give you really detailed reviews and recommendations. @1101010 knows his onions, if not his matching-card games, and usually has me grinning. All the #cyclewankers too.

I like this new DiS, much more chilled. Even those people I ignored or bit at in the past, eh, fresh start all round. Sorry if I was ever a dick.



Additional praise for @bugduv : has a knack of saying exactly the right thing in a thread where something really shit (like the Nice or Paris attacks has happened). A perfect judger of tone.


i like Scout a lot, she seems like she has avery good attitude to life


My likes are genuine, I think you’re great.


Blimey. Thanks @bird , that’s a really nice thing to say - I do like to think that I can in a small way help folk out with advice on here every now and again. I’m glad you’re back on this new place - you were always good fun on the old one.

I can’t see him on here, although there’s a few potential new names, but I am fairly in awe of the bands that @ Anthonyc puts on with Baba Yaga’s Hut. Really making a contribution to the alt music scene. I genuinely worry about their future however with the development of Elephant & Castle currently occurring quite literally on their doorstep.


gonna add a few more

@1101010 he used to hate me, but seems to have mellowed a bit. plus, he has very fluffy hair
@plasticniki never replies to my emails! but keen as fuck and generally a bloody good egg. gonna share a beer or two one day, for sure
@epimer smart motherfucker. quick on the draw. laps up likes like a bitch


begrudging like!




Is this officially the first circlejerk on the new boards?