Who are the most dangerous band in the world



right now?


Insane Clown Posse


The Corrs. Because Jim Corr knows The Truth and isn’t afraid to speak up about it. In your face, The Establishment!


Towers of London


kasabian famously challenge the structural integrity of every building they play in, so they must be up there.


Tiger Crew




Probably insane clown possie because they have an army


I had tickets to see Insane Clown Posse last year. They had to reschedule the show though, and I couldn’t make the new date, so it didn’t happen.




Jeremy Corbyn and his band of communist loonies


The Wee Papa Girl Rappers


Ace Bushy Striptease


they don’t actually seem very dangerous though


The Smashing Pumpkins




Juggalo Homies is a hot summer jam*

*until you realise it came out in 2002 not 1998 and everyone should have known better by then


wrestled in WWE, WCW and ECW


Fans have been classed by the FBI as a gang.

Think I’m going to go to Gathering Of The Juggalos for my 40th, seems like a suitably embarrassing way to kick off a mid life crisis.


I saw them live in 2003