Who are the most sensible, reliable chaps/chapesses on here?

you know, the guy that you could call at 3AM and ask if they’d mind looking after your pet Alsatian for 3 years while you go on a journey of personal discovery and enlightenment in Botswana, safe in the knowledge that you’d come back to a well-walked/loved mutt. the dog would no doubt be in even better condition than when you left it. yep, that guy

or something

before I go on, being sensible and dependable is the epitome of pure jazz life. this is not a thread to call the above dudes out

this should be a poll

  • japes
  • ccb
  • theo
  • saps
  • that guy
  • that lady

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Accepting a 3AM request to look after an alsatian for 3 years is sensible now?

I’m available for talking dirty at 3am.

That makes me pretty dependable.

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I don’t think I’d be able to offer the adequate care the ownership of a large dog requires. Sorry.


this was to @bird, not @marckee


I spent a while trying to work out if this meant You Stupid Fucking Cunt, or You’re So Freaking Crazy.

1st one


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this level of aggression is not becoming of a man who wears multi-coloured shoes on a Thursday

hey man, my jazz shoes are ready to party almost anytime.