Who are you versus at the minute?

Mostly my boss, who seems to think it’s necessary to send me 15 emails a day.

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They should just bump the same one email 14 times IMO

Or just, you know, save all the banal stuff for our weekly phone catch up.

I’m very glad I don’t have to have a work phone

My boss has given up asking me to turn mine on at last!

Just the gf on weekly fitbit steps. She’s not wearing it this week because it’s, “giving her a rash.” Oh, I’m sorry that you’re allergic to BEING CRUSHED.

I’m totally gonna celebrate my victory by default tonight. I don’t care if it’s her birthday tomorrow.

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What are you doing for her birthday?

Going out for a walk on his own.

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I wasn’t talking to you

She’s cooking dinner for me and her family. Which might not sound like me doing something for her but she insisted.

I’m taking her out for dinner tonight though. Right after my victory dance.

Someone tell Ant I’m not talking to him either, ta.

All the best to the pair of you and I hope you have a lovely celebratory weekend

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Most of the lunch threaders right now