Who are your favourite record labels?

Finding it hard to discover music and still mainly listening to stuff from fifteen years ago and all-time dogs.

Who are your favourite labels - historical and/or current? A brief explainer, or a few example artists, and general genres covered (where applicable) would be handy.

Thanks in advance.

(Appreciate this has been done before. I’ve had a mooch through the other threads).

Sub Pop, Matador, Kill Rock Stars, Merge, 4AD and Creation (before 1994) and Fortuna Pop from the top of my head.

Maybe the sign of the times or maybe me being ignorant but I’ve little idea of which artist is signed to switch label nowadays.

Edit. Those two CD compilations as a kid in high school expanded my little musical world hugely in a pre-internet world. Love those two label compilations.

(We’ll take the votes for the DiSintegration State label as read, eh? :wink: )

Obviously Dischord, the label run by Fugazi.


The only other label I remember consistently finding interesting stuff from is


I had Patron Saints of Teenage too and played it like mad. Around the same time there was a Radio 1 documentary about Creation which opened my ears to a few other bands from the early years.

Back in th day

Here in the now

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In the 90s it was all about touch and go records for me (the Jesus lizard, slint, tar, seam, big black etc). You could be pretty confident of buying blind from that label. Also amphetamine reptile, sub Pop, constellation. I could happily talk about this all day actually.


I know that every release from the 3 below will be a winner for me (all pretty much sad indie)

Double Double Whammy


Keeled Scales




Alongside stuff like 4AD, safe creek, matador, sacred bones and all the other big indie labels


Tbh I never pay attention to the label that much but the first that came to mind is p nation, its run by psy (gangnam style) and everyone he signed is so good, mainly existing artists I already listened to for years and love like jessi, hyuna, heize and crush

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Constellation and Kranky. Have a ridiculous amount of releases from both.

Penske Recordings are a great Irish label, haven’t put a foot wrong.


Lots of good stuff on Erased Tapes: Nils Frahm, A Winged Victory…, Rival Consoles, Penguin Cafe, Olafur Arnolds. Their samplers are always an interesting listen.


Hyperdub and Ninja Tune are two labels that I always find to be super consistent for dance and experimental releases. Feel like they are a good mark of quality, or at least something that will be interesting to listen to.


Never really followed or taken much notice of labels like some people do but it’s funny how you do end up with certain labels.

Mix of current and in the past -

Kranky - post rock, neo classical and experimental electronic
Sub Rosa - ditto
Finders Keepers - esoteric reissues and compilations, library music/soundtracks etc
Dust to Digital - folk music compilations
Drag City/Matador/Domino/Sub Pop - alt rock/indie
Editions Mego/Imprec - avant-garde/experimental


Fxck Rap

Forgot JBO. Massive for me in the 90’s / 00’s

Atm PTIP and Virgin Babylon

Drag City.

since they embraced streaming i enjoy exploring lots of what they put out. lots of indie rock and folky stuff in particularly plus a bit of psych etc but a pretty reliable hit rate given the amount of stuff they put out. always worth exploring.

lack of download codes in their records is annoying though.


for me its Analog Africa

never a dull album

Sonic Pieces

Beautiful packaged CD’s of amazing modern classical - i have almost all of their releases, look forward to all they put out.

Bongo Joes

I can see their shop/cafe from my work and its probably the best place in the world, beer and record and cake… i do not like every album they put out but 80% is brilliant

Habibi Funk

Bit late with these guys but have been digging through their output and its great

Voodoo Rhythm Records

Rock and Roll / garage punk label, home of every European misfit Cramps wannabee and all the better for it.

Castle in Space
Record Sub they offer is the best package in music, unreleased rarities from great UK electronic artists and their main releases are awesome

Last on El Palmas Music

The recent surf album - fantastic… met the guy at a recent DJ set and he was a top bloke that loves his music and i have been really into their output since then


I’m pretty much guaranteed to like something of it is on warp records.

As mentioned above constellation and kranky have a great output.

For indie I don’t think Bella Union, elephant six or saddle creek have been mentioned.

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Heres a few of my favourites:
Ipecac Records - Mike Patton, Melvins and others
Hydrahead/Sige Records - Aaron Turner and others
International Anthems - Loads of great Jazz stuff. Jaime Branch, Makaya McCraven, Damon Locks, Jeff Parker
CastleFace - John Dwyer, Oh sees and other garage/psych stuff
Brainfeeder - Flying Lotus fellas label
Drag City - Ty Segall, Wand etc…
Brownswood - Gilles Petersons label
Ninja Tune/Warp - Electronic stuff like Actress, Flying Lotus