Who are your three favourite MAIN Parks and Recreation characters?

must’ve been in at least 4 episodes

  • Ron Swanson
  • Leslie Knope
  • Ann Perkins
  • Andy Dwyer
  • April Ludgate
  • Tom Haverford
  • Chris Traeger
  • Ben Wyatt
  • Jerry Gergich
  • Mark Brendanawicz
  • Donna Meagle
  • Craig Middlebrooks
  • Jean-Ralphio Saperstein
  • Lil Sebastian
  • Tammy Swanson
  • the guy who works for sewage dept
  • someone else I’ve forgotten

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DJ Roomba


haven’t seen it


Ron, Jean-Ralphio and April

April assisted by the fact I fancy her loads tbh

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Fucking love Amy Poehler mate, she is the best


Poehler? I barely knew 'er

Tom, Jean-Ralphio and Andy

April and Chris are great
think i’m the only person who found Ben really funny
liked Andy, Tom and Leslie but all got annoying / too one-note towards the end

Jean-Ralphio, Ron and Andy

basically @Epimer innit!


who have I forgotten dude? you can use the edit button perhaps? lounge skillz

Don’t think you’ve forgotten anyone pal, I voted for “Someone else I’ve forgotten” as an RIP Harris Wittels vote personally.

You forgot Perd

Andy is my all time favourite. Leslie close second



tom, chris, ben, donna, jean-ralphio, jerry, tammy

dunno really. watched it as it was airing, have seen the first couple of series twice, but other than that haven’t rewatched all of it.

Ron, Ben and Jerry. The first two are funny from beginning to end, whereas I felt Leslie, Andy and April all got more annoying in later seasons. And I just feel sorry for Jerry/Larry/Garry (at least when he’s not living the happiest life ever outside of the office).

I have never seen this program.

I’m just in the process of re-watching it (thanks Amazon) as we speak ((not literally))

really, really good show innit. shame about the abomination that was the final season. kind of muddied the waters for me a bit