Who, at this moment in time, has gone the longest without seeing the sea?


I’ll start us off with a gentle 74 hours.


Last August for me, lonzochops


I was on the beach 31 hours ago but I refused to look at the sea.


Scared of getting sand kicked in your eyes by a muscling hunk?


Hold on a minute, just to confirm, you weren’t at fucking Frencham ‘beach’ were you?


I can see the sea right now


classic freshwater sea



No, although a legit beach the water is fresh and not the sea.


7ish years I think


That is going to take some beating.


Does seeing it on a flight count? If so like two months, if not then a year


Does it have to be sea or does major river/ firth count too?


Yeah seeing it on a flight counts.


The sea is great, hope to see it again one day



Coton in the Elms is the furthest point from the sea in England.


I live about 30 miles away from there.


Must be legit sea. Is the firth salt water? Not just stranded porpoise/whale salt water but the real deal.


10.1 miles for me - I checked yesterday fwiw


come and visit me in Brighton Bam! I guarantee you WILL see the SEA


At most, a year. I think it will be less, at least a few months though.


I love the beach.