Who, at this moment in time, has gone the longest without seeing the sea?

Frensham? Who doesn’t!

Probably some really old person in Chad or somewhere like that.

Saw it from a plane in early December. Haven’t been to an actual beach in a long, long time.

No speculating!

OK then Mohammed from Chad.

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Aye or one of those double landlocked countries, Liechtenstein and those lads.

Or a giant redwood that has lived 2000 years… this fucking place.


Don’t be silly. Trees don’t have eyes, you’re confusing them with potatoes.

He probably eats fish and woodchips at the seaside!

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Am currently 300ish metres from the sea. Could see it on my way home. CBA though. Seen it before

Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that you’re never more than 10 metres from the sea.

Even Mohammed from Chad?

Remember getting told off once at frensham for burying a cheese and onion slice in the sand.

Can’t remember if it was big or little pond :frowning:

Yeah. He’s just not very observant.

Must be big, does small have beach you can sit on?

Must have been big, aye

Looking at it just now, aren’t I? Coastal views from your bedroom FTW.

Last Thursday for me. Driving down to southsea, along the Eastern Road. Langstone harbour off to the left hand side.

completely done me

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