Who buys these?

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a tin of branded chopped tomatoes. Maybe at a campsite shop or something but that’s it.

I think the wider thread topic is: types of food where you can’t ever imagine buying the branded version. I nominate chopped tomatoes.

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Same goes for their pasta.


buy these all the time mate. definitely of higher quality than the basic ones.


Yes. Can’t imagine choosing a branded pasta over the own brand.


think i’ve bought these. can’t remember the circumstances

I have but only when they are on offer.

I’m with you never got em out of choice. Another one for me sausages never had walls and any English cheese Lancashire, Cheshire et al.

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Also (for those on dairybook)

  • milk - never bought Cravendale or the like
  • eggs - never bought Happy Eggs (though I always buy free range)

I do! the own brand tomatoes at the local supermarket are noticeably worse, I’d say

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Get eggs from people I know with chickens, the difference is immense.

again, the branded stuff is definitely tastier, but I rarely used to buy it in the UK because of expense.


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Sausages you gotta pay a bit more for imo.

i buy those tomatoes

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extremely watery.

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Happy Eggs are evil eggs anyway

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happy eggs are only a quid in mozza’s!

an ill advised assault by ccb on luxury chopped tomatoes, let’s see how it plays out.


actually i’m gonna call it mozbo’s fno

Basic ones are basically a load of stalk ends of the tomato all in a can. Still buy basic though

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