Who calls you by what name?



[full first name] - Dad, brother, sister in law, sister, brother in law, Nan
[shortened first name] - Stepmum, my wife, pretty much all my friends, in-laws, colleagues
[my surname with a Y on the end] a handful of school friends
[my surname preceded with The] - a handful of friends I used to work with when I lived in Cardiff
CCB - you lot



[Full first name] - Mum, Nan, boyfriend when talking about me to someone else, most people at work.
[Shortened first name] - Half the people at work, my friends
[Pet name] - bf
[Family nickname] - aunt, other family members when taking the mick


Ah yeah I forgot that. Add that for Mrs CCB.


pls list your pet name and family nickname pls


Antony - Basically nobody (thank fuck), occasionally my Dad in texts
Ant - School friends (with the exception of the two that are now also colleagues), family members
Tony - Work colleagues (and the aforementioned two school friends), my girlfriend (amongst other pet names)
My surname already ends in ‘y’ so nobody there
Used to get called ‘The Ant’ by a few people at a bowling alley I used to work at


lol no way


First proper full name - My ex, most of my all time dogs, all my celtic mates
Shortened first name - Majority of work colleagues, lots of pals that are my closest
Longer first name (which i hate, and doesn’t make sense) - my sister, has done forever, occasionaly my mum
Initials - one or two folk from work
Numerous stupid in joke nicknames - all time dogs only


that aren’t my closest


Richard/Rich - Family, Colleagues, Significant Other(s), Some Friends
saps - Most friends, DiS
soapy/soapy a/soapy arsehole/sudsy - Matt and Tom


Everyone calls me Sarah.


are you really pi?



  • Shortened full name - Everyone, except
  • Sir - Kids at work
  • [title] [surname] - Creditors
  • Pickle - TV


Glad to have that cleared up. Thanks.


No one dares say my name.


and quoting myself won me my first quote badge! :slight_smile:


If we try and out @meowington’s pet name, we’re probably no better than the journo that outed that italian author. Or is this different? I think it might be different.


Alright, Destiny’s Child


Classic Matt and Tom