Who did you play in your school nativity?

Reckon that’s a load of rubbish tbqh.

Anyway, I was an ox. Wore my Mum’s brown crushed velvet cardigan and I looked stunning. Remember my Dad giving a pretty scathing review of my performance that made me cry and deeply impacted my self belief but this isn’t the thread for that.



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I was supposed to play Mary but they were afraid I’d be badly behaved so I had to do a bible reading instead.

Think there’s probably something in that to unpick…


Can’t remember doing a nativity. You may, however, remember me from such roles as Henry VIII, the fairy Godfather (complete with Marlon Brando impression) and “the ankle bone” in our Year Two musical performance of Them Bones.


King/wise man

Always the shepherd never the … sheep


Only the goddamn most important crux of the entire story Angel Gabriel sonnnnn

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Always King Herod

Not sure why primary school heads always felt the baby killer angle necessary for the Christmas story but I was always cast in the baby killer role


Didn’t ever do a nativity play.

I’d always question the QI ‘facts’ but this one sounds pretty reasonable on gut instinct.

Middle-class, confident kids attending CofE or Catholic schools who were able to remember or bluff their way through a script are probably more likely to be a high earner later in life.

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Some cunt


the star, of course :star2:

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Depends, quite often Mary and Joseph these days go to kids that can’t read as they are big parts and a chance for those kids to have a big role/make parents proud but they don’t have any lines if theyre acting out as the narrator tells the story

We didn’t do nativity we did Charles Dickens stories etc, I was a judge and had to shout “Order! Order in court!”. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

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The jolly Christmas postman.

We did a slightly odd nativity

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Rest assured though, I was the leading actor, and star of the show

I had to shout “scarves for sale, scarves for sale” when we did a performance of Oliver Twist, which considering I had/ve a short tongue and a speech impediment was a pisstake.

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How many kids in school plays ‘these days’ are also earning a wage?


Well this doesn’t say over how long a time period does it!

In the age of the modern nativity where the main character is quite often some punk ass donkey or chicken the role of Mary and Joseph don’t always go to those kids anymore so I’m saying it’s not necessarily true anymore!!