Who did you see but it turned out to not be them

I thought I saw Fern Cotton but it wasn’t her

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I once thought I saw my uncle when on a school trip, and I went up and grabbed him.

It wasn’t him. My mates took the piss out of my for ages saying any stranger I saw when we were out “oh is that your uncle sheeldz”?


I’m so bad at recognising people I know. I’ve caught myself staring at strangers walking towards me, trying to work out if it’s who I think it is so I don’t end up ignoring them and seeming like a weirdo.


Thought I saw an ex girlfriend in a club years ago and asked her why she had deleted me off Facebook as we had been speaking and getting on well. It wasn’t her


I spent a few years approaching the same girl in nightclubs because I thought she was a friend of a friend who I’d gotten quite smitten by. It was never her and a few years afterwards, the mistaken girl started going out with and eventually got engaged to one of my mates.




That’s not a bad idea!

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bit dark and I’m sure other people have experienced this but I occasionally think I’ve seen my dad, which is odd as he died in 2006.

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I said in the Everything Everything HGATR that I might have seem them live but couldn’t remember. This morning I realised it was actually Three Trapped Tigers that I saw.

Tim Vincent on Horse Guards Parade

better band tbf

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Once told Kele from Bloc Party that he looks like the singer from Bloc Party.


Also someone once mistook me for Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs, asked for a photo and the lot, to which I obliged.

I don’t look anything like Ricky WIlson.

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As a teen I had badly dyed orange hair and wore a plaid jacket from the market, my friends delighted in the time they hollered at and bounded up to an old lady in TK Maxx thinking it was me


Actually on thread brief I thought I saw the guy who plays Michael in Peaky Blinders today on the street but it was just another blandly handsome young man

once thought I saw a rat but it turned out to be a leaf


I used to see black cats all over the place that weren’t there but years of varying anti-depressants have made them go away.

I miss the cats.

Proper power move to convince you it wasn’t even her when you met in the flesh.


I thought I saw my now-partner in town before we got together, so I messaged her saying so which sparked the conversation that led to us being married for nine years this year. Apparently it wasn’t her.


Thought I saw my freind go in Anne Summers yesterday, waited fo 5 mins to come out but it wasnt them.